What Your Habits Say About You!

I have heard several times in my life that it takes three weeks to either make or break a habit.

Some habits are good, some not so good, and some you would love to see go away! We all have one praxis or another, and most of us have no idea how we acquired them. For instance, if you are a nail biter, have you ever wondered WHERE you got that nervous tic?

Concerning the science of those quirks, it is interesting to note these habits form in the brain’s emotional center — the Basal Ganglia. While the logical Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) — the executive part of the brain, chides us for engaging in destructive behavior. For example, our emotional brain would see no harm in quickly grabbing our credit card for that “must-have” purse, when shortly after that, our “logical” mind gives us stick for spending too much!

Good habits are considered to be salubrious to our mental and physical health. Those who are endowed with many positive habits often display higher levels of discipline and self-control. Conversely, those of us failing to exercise our logical brain could acquire more bad habits. Because of these two associated concepts, it is easy to see how our habits ultimately decide our happiness or the lack thereof.

Habit or Personality?

Personality is characterized as “the outer appearance and behavior of a person.” And right there is where Habits most often divulge themselves, displayed in the outward behaviors. You could say that our habits’ assemblage composes a considerable amount of our personality. Even those “little” habits could very well offer insight into your disposition. Keeping this in mind, reflect on the following habits and examine what they may reveal about you!

Our character is basically a composite of our habits.” — Stephen Covey

Five Habits and What They Could Reveal About you.

1. The Way We Walk

According to body language expert Patti Wood, the Way you stroll can send a strong message.

Do you balance your weight forward as if you are charging ahead and fix your gaze forward? You are probably ambitious and focused; however, some may consider this habit unapproachable and cold.

De we step lighter on our toes with our eyes downcast? This could mean we are more introverted, shy, and aloof.

Walking with a spring in our step while surveying our path with our eyes could mean we are socially-conscious and gregarious, though we may be prone to hog the spotlight.

Finally, walking with a smooth gait, with weight in the legs, tends to say we are people-centered, sensitive, and team-oriented.


Some psychologists tell us, our emailing style can reveal a few things about our persona.

For example:

If our email is free of typos and grammatical errors could mean we tend to be conscientious, perfectionistic, and possibly obsessive.

If we write long emails that could reveal a thorough, energetic nature, it could also indicate a needy personality.

Introverts generally get down to the task at hand, while extroverts are more casual and playful with their conversations and topic choices.


Are you THAT person who bolts in the door, out of breath, and causes the meeting’s delay again? Others may view your tardiness as you being undependable and too lax.

Meanwhile, if you are always early, you could be seen as somewhat neurotic.

Those who arrive “on the dot” are generally found to be agreeable, conscientious, and dependable.


“Eating habits are linked to personality traits,” says Juliet Boghossian, founder of food behavior research firm, Food-ology. Our “Food-related habits can reveal facets of our personality and behavioral tendencies.”

Slow eaters are often those people who like being in control and appreciate life more.

Conversely, those who wolf down their meals tend to be ambitious and goal-oriented, but also impatient.

It seems how quickly we eat reflects the speed at which we take on life and enjoy living.

It’s possible that picky eaters never quite outgrew the likes and dislikes they held as a child. Being stubborn or reluctant to try new foods — a term called “food neophobia” — is linked to such characteristics as anxiety disorders, neuroticism, and sensation-seeking.


A fascinating field of study which analyzes the physical characteristics and patterns in handwriting is known as Graphology. Some psychologists are convinced this study reveals a valid measure of personality. Some even believe as many as 5000 can be noted.

A few of these are:

  • The size: Large letters indicate a need to feel understood and noticed. Smaller letters may illustrate an intense concentration and focus and divulge a more introverted personality.
  • Slanted letters: A rightward slant on letters could indicate a friendly, sentimental, and a bit impulsive nature. No angle implies a logical and meticulous personality. A leftward slant suggests that you prefer to work with things rather than people.
  • Pressure: Using harder pressure when writing indicates strong emotions and a penchant for reactiveness. Lighter pressure reveals a more playful and outgoing nature and a desire for adventure.
  • Connection of letters: Connected letters indicate you to be a logical, systematic, and cautious decision-maker. Letters more spaced out implies an intelligent and intuitive nature.

Knowing some of these traits about yourself could help you in your business when dealing with issues that arise and with often tricky personalities. Meeting with new folks and having confidence in yourself AND your business could mean the difference in a successful outcome or one that leaves you wondering what happened.

Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses gives us an upper hand to meet business and personal goals.

Originally published at https://www.compumatrix.ph on November 2, 2020.

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