What is a family business, and how does it pertain to Compumatrix?

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When first learning what Compumatrix was working to develop, I could see the future impacts on families. I quickly realized that this could be the silver lining in the cloud for parents who wanted to stay at home with children and work from home!

As the pioneers of this company, we have a responsibility to ensure that future generations can work this business by taking care of all the start-up issues ahead of time. These are consistently being tended to by a remarkable Board of Directors, Staff, and our Founder Henry James Banayat. When we pass the keys over, the next generation has to step in with ease and immediately understand what is expected of them to ensure their business continues to move forward.

Have I had to deal with people telling me to quit and give up? Of course! There will always be someone who has something to say about what you decide to do in your life. It is entirely up to you whether you take their words and act upon them or continue to do what you think. Many emotions can alter things people say, such as jealousy, anger, confusion, and misunderstanding. Respect people by listening but always remember to do your homework, so you have the facts to fall back on should the conversation get heated or steer off in a different direction.

With Covid19 now taking precedent over people’s lives, I take pride in the knowledge that we already have in place, an avenue by which we could care for our families. Our CDAP! Once started, a little at a time is all that is needed to get by. It will allow families to sustain themselves over an unknown period. No one needs to feel helpless or hopeless during this time. Our future generations need to have something to look forward to with pride. They will also be able to use our DEX as a secondary source to reach!

Each family business is one tended to by all family members and passed down to the next generation. The pioneers first put into place all of the essentials needed to guarantee the business is fruitful. They lay the groundwork, take care of the legalities, and have in place all that is required to move forward. The family members work and tweak anything that may need adjusting. As our pioneers have already accomplished so much, I take comfort in the fact that members of Compumatrix can leave behind their legacies. When the family realizes the depth of work required to bring the business to where it is today, the respect for your achievements finally arrives.

Take pride in what you have achieved! Building this business from the ground up has taken every member on a journey to be remembered forever. I consider everyone to be family as we have shared many experiences and occasions just as a family does. Know that you are passing down a silver lining to any future cloud your ancestors may ever have.

Originally published at https://www.compumatrix.ph on September 29, 2020.

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