Salmon-The Wonders of the Rivers and Sea

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Photo Credits: School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington

Salmon are fascinating! They have been reverenced and studied for years as a food resource and a significant part of God’s creation. Let’s take a glimpse at the life cycle of these amazing creatures.

Listen to these words from the Bible. “Speak to the earth, and it will teach you or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this.” (Job 12:8 and 9)

Salmon can teach us so much about hard work, sticking to the right course, sacrifice, and overcoming obstacles in our work or business. From them, we learn about mental toughness and just bare survival.

The Spawning Process

No matter how far into our vast ocean a salmon has traveled, it will always return to the river where it was born. After the female salmon returns, it makes a little depression in the sand where she lays her eggs. During the spawning season, a female can make up to seven of these depressions called “Redds” and lay between 3000 to 7000 eggs. She does this by sweeping her tail into the sand, making a depression.

Once fertilized by the male Salmon, she covers the eggs over with sand, and they incubate.

The embryos then hatch into what are called alevins. They are small fish with a yolk sac attached. Once they consume the yolk sac, they emerge from the sand and feed on their own. At this point, they are called Fry and are about an inch long. They can spend months and even years in these rivers and lakes before traveling downstream to the ocean. Once in the sea, they spend anywhere from 2 to 7 years there.

The miraculous seems to begin happening when the small Salmon begins heading downstream towards saltwater. At this point, we call them by another name, which is Smolts. Many physical changes start to happen to let their bodies adapt to the whole new environment. The life-changing process is reversed at the end of their life-cycle when they return to freshwater many years later. After this first period of physical change, they head out to the sea to spend the bulk of their lives.

Many of them travel hundreds and thousands of miles from the mouth of that river before returning. This migration back home is one of God’s wonders that people and scientists have marveled at for countless years now.

Some say the Salmon can follow the earth’s magnetic field back home. Others say that the sun, moon, and stars’ positions play a vital role in their direction. Scientists found out that the Salmon can test or sense a particular river’s chemical makeup to see if it’s the river of their birth. Nobody taught them how to do that. God just designed them to function that way so brilliantly.
After their long journey at sea is completed, and they reach the mouth of the river, the adjustment processes begin again, and their bodies begin to prepare for the long swim upriver and the spawning cycle.

The spawning season usually begins in the Autumn after the heavy rains raise the rivers and streams, making it favorable for them to get back to where they all started. Things may have changed over the years, and they often leap over obstacles and swim-up small waterfalls and rapids to make it. Sometimes they navigate shallow water levels to make it back home.

Because of the rerouting and damming of rivers and streams that man has done, they had to come up with ways to divert the Salmon back up-steam to let them reach their birthplace. They do this with hatcheries and human-made water channels.

I grew up near a Salmon hatchery, and as a kid, we would go there and watch the Salmon leap up over these small waterfalls and grates to continue into the river higher up. It was a fantastic sight to see them jump out of the water time and time again until they finally made it up. They had to struggle and give an all-out effort many times before they saw success.

What is the main thing driving these fantastic fish species to endure as they do? It is INSTINCT.

In the business and crypto world, many have an inbred instinct for all of this digital stuff. I love it, and you love it. But why are we involved? Is it not because we have an inward or innate instinct for these things? My good friend told me he knows nothing about digital currencies and said he didn’t desire to learn. But you and I have an inward sense. It’s a “knowing,” if you will, of how things will go in the future of finance. It’s an inward knowing.

After many, many years, why are we still here? Why didn’t we hang up the towel years ago, when everything didn’t pan out in this business as we wanted it. Isn’t it because something profound inside us is telling us, “YES, this is indeed the way to go. All the financial world is heading this way.” We are making sure that our future continues financially strong and continues strong for our future generations.

These spectacular performers, the Salmon, have taught us how to navigate great distances with surprising accuracy defying all the odds against them. The only explanation for it all is God-given instinct. Do you have an instinct or gut feeling that you are on the right path and headed towards the right river home financially? I sure do!

Originally published by Jeffrey Phelps at on October 17, 2020.

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