In computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) discoveries are developing machines and programs so intelligent; they can work and behave like humans. Cutting edge and promising areas in technology are growing more popular every day. Applying to modern life, extensive and highly technical research is required. Also needed is additional specialized programming. In, knowledge engineering makes machines act, reason, and react like humans. Researchers have made significant strides in computer science. Some of the technologies developing are indeed to devise tremendous changes in many industries today.

What are some of the sectors likely to see this massive change?

Two programs already introduced to us which deal with personal assistance are Siri and Warren. Both programs give us factual answers to questions we ask of them. They seem to “understand” our language and give us answers, which in turn WE can understand. These programs can reside in our smartphones, tablet, or computers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal assistance is being adapted in other zones as well. Some of these areas include medical, finance, and engineering. Personal assistance will undergo much change with AI soon.

Medical diagnosis and Prescription Medication

In medical diagnosis, there are AI programs capable of diagnosing patients’ diseases and conditions when supporting medical tests, and exam reports are readily available.

Once theprogram is given a patient’s symptoms and medical reports along with any ultrasounds, MRIs, X rays, and CT scans ordered, it can diagnose any disease prescribe the appropriate medication. Equipped with this knowledge, it is understandable that programs replace pharmacists and doctors in the future.

Business to B usiness (B2B) Processes and Interaction

Businesses use computers and the internet to execute sales, collaborations, customer care and support, mergers, marketing, niche creation, mergers, and basically any task pertaining to their industry. This requires a tremendous amount of data processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of analyzing resources such as directories, credit agencies, websites, government records, filings, and other vital information is being developed. One such company, LeadGenius, is developing programs that will expedite this process. These programs’ goal is to clean, categorize, and enrich the data, allowing them to apply this knowledge to respond to emails, sort responses, service orders, and perform automatic billing.

Mathmatical Analysis

A major portion of modern-day data sheets involves numbers. What would a stock market or sports report or even a banking statement be without numbers?

Any of these reports could easily become too complicated to report on even with computer application assistance.

Narrative Science has developed Quill, which is capable of scrutinizing massive amounts of data in seconds needed to construct thorough and accurate reports. This is especially helpful in stock market reports.


Law and legal documents are a necessary evil in all our lives. We need legal documents drawn for a variety of reasons. Normally lawyers draft these for us, and the cost considerable, even to the point of being out of our budget entirely.

Currently under development is an AI program capable of creating legal letters and forms automatically. Relying on an exhaustive legal base, the program is adept in creating letters and forms needed in our everyday lives and businesses.

This system will establish greater efficiency and lower costs than by employing conventional lawyers. It is certain to be a huge technology disruption in the field of law.

Professional Scheduling

Scheduling plays an inordinate role in professional businesses. Some professional businesses, such as doctors, lawyers, and hairdressers, hire someone to fill this job. AI technology is aspiring to automate this process.

An program, known as , which users paste into their emails when requesting a meeting with each other. The suggested time is chosen and put into the email along with Amy. The program will compare these times and suggest a time frame when both are free and schedule a meeting for them in their calendars. This process takes very little time and is a huge step forward in scheduling.

Manufacturing industry

For several years, we have seen industries such as the automotive industry apply the use of robotics in their assembly lines. It seems they were one of the first to adopt this technology. Many other industries have used robotics for packaging goods for decades. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now taking the manufacturing industry to the next level. can also be used for assembly in more complex tasks as those found in electronics.

AI has now been augmented to work well in other manufacturing industries, such as home building/repair. In fact, over time, they could replace electronic engineers and construction workers. Potential disruptions could resonate throughout the entire manufacturing industry.

Provision of Customer Service

Good customer service is tantamount to the success of almost any company. Responding to customer queries and concerns has traditionally been handled by human resources; however, AI is set to transform this industry in the same way.

Companies inclusive of Alibaba, Lexus, and Uber employ both human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) customer service to deliver the best results to their clients. DigitalGenius is another company creating programs to understand vocal queries and concerns, decipher, and respond.

programs can perceive human speech patterns, then respond in any language the customer requests. Once fully integrated, these programs will change the way customer service has handled the world over.

Transportation Industry

Transportation is an essential foundation in society involving the movement of citizens and manufactured goods from one point to another.

It has always been a given that a motor vehicle had a human driver behind the wheel. What if there IS no driver needed? What if AI programs could transport people and products without a human involved?

This is not only possible but happening in today’s world opening up the possibility of lowering accidents, lessening congestion, and energy usage greatly reduced.

Human resources could be redirected to fulfill other needed tasks.

Many companies are now involved in exploring the possibility of using intelligent driverless vehicles.


Hospital operating rooms are systematically upgrading their old technology with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines and programs. Thesemachines and programs are using laser-guided tools with precision, capability, and efficiency.

Smart Tissue Autonomous Robots (STARs) have proven themselves capable of performing suturing and stitching while relying on their own knowledge base, tools, and laser vision.

Thus, AI robotics will soon rule the operating rooms replacing outdated machines and procedures.

Insurance Industry

Not to be outdone, the Insurance Industry is jumping on the AI bandwagon, too, by utilizing intelligent devices. These devices monitor and report your driving habits to the insurance companies to analyze your driving safety habits and determine whether or not to issue discounts to you.

Which insurance company is doing this? The Progressive Insurance company for one.

It doesn’t stop there, as Health Insurers are embracing the idea by having their customers wear devices that monitor conditions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and activity levels!

Most everyone wants to be as healthy as possible, but is this monitoring level more like personal invasion?

The bottom line to them, if you are health-conscious, you earn a discount on your insurance premiums; if not, you pay more to be covered.


Our Educational system too is adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is this acceptable?

Although students are part of the whole, each student learns at a different rate. Therefore, AI programs are being created to personalize each students learning experience.

These AI programs analyze the students’ emotional responses to questions, monitor their daily performance activities, then execute changes tailored and designed to the students’ learning abilities.

Important Take Away

AI technology has incorporated into essentially all sectors of our business and industry. Some of the new Technology clearly needed to advance our civilization. However, it will remain to be seen whether certain aspects of AI Technology will be appreciated.

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Originally published by Ms. Gail Walton at on October 7, 2020.

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