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This thought came to me when I baked a swiss roll the other day. When baking, you must plan. You must have the right ingredients. You must do things in the right steps.

Mistakes punish you immediately. The result will be completely different than you expected. If you have the energy and necessary ingredients you can, of course, start all over again and make a new Swiss roll.

In a Swiss roll, you can use many different things. You can use cocoa, cornmeal, fill it with whipped cream, berries, jam, or anything else you like. There are many combinations.

But no matter what you choose, planning is required.

So, I started by checking what ingredients I had.

Eggs, baking soda, butter, and flour. Should I make a chocolate swiss roll? Or should I make one with berries and cream? I had lemons, oranges, and bananas in the fruit basket, didn’t I?

How would I be able to plan when I had such a variety of options?

I sat down and thought about how I would plan my business. I saw myself creating a product that I could market using Compumatrix. What if I were to create several different products and let Compumatrix customers choose. Would it be possible?

I also got a vision of how people wondered why I baked so many swiss rolls and how I would use them. I thought I would answer “If you join Compumatrix, you will see what they are used for!”

But how could I compete with local bakeries and cafes? Simple! If any local bakery or cafe would complain, I could always tell them that Compumatrix is a global company that also has solutions for local businesses. They would only need to register their interest in Compumatrix, and they would be able to sell the same way I plan to do.

I said above that if I made a mistake, I could start over and do a new Swiss role.

Does this also apply to my Compumatrix business?

Mistakes in business can be very costly. Thanks to Compumatrix’s foresight, a system has been created where mistakes are prevented even before they are made. The new “revised” CDAP is said to contain features that prevent or minimize mistakes.

Let’s see. Now I have baked six swiss rolls. A chocolate swiss roll with whipped cream as a filling. A vanilla swiss roll with vanilla cream and berries. An ordinary sponge cake swiss roll with whipped cream and jam. A lemon cake with orange jelly, a Coffee swiss roll, and a swiss roll with strawberry cream.

Can I put them up for sale on Compumatrix?
What if no one wants them?
What if someone says they want one, how to deliver?
How to price the swiss rolls?
Bitcoin? Or any other cryptocurrency?
Many questions to answer and planning to do.

I do not think my business will include selling Swiss rolls immediately when Compumatrix ​​launches. But my planning is as careful as if it were about selling goods.

I cannot afford to fail. I hope the new CDAP will include the ability to create and sell Virtual Prepaid Cards, which today are Stable Cards. Then I can slowly but surely build my business and maybe eventually sell swiss rolls locally and persuade more local companies to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Originally published by Brittmari Mostrom at on October 18, 2020.

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