Good Things Take Time to Grow

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The yellow/orange sun was shining vibrantly in the bright blue sky on a warm summer’s day. A little boy of 8 years old and his mother planted a four-foot oak tree in their backyard. The little boy ran back outside the next day expecting to see a giant ten-foot tall oak tree, but the oak tree did not seem to change at all. Panic clouded over his mind. He thought there was something wrong with the oak tree. He tapped his toes, wrinkled his brow, and laid on the grass crying next to his four-foot-tall oak tree. When his mother came home from work, the little boy explained to his mother the sad situation. The mother chuckled to herself and explained to her son good things take time to grow. He would have to wait.

So, every day he would eagerly come outside to check on his oak tree: watering it, feeding it nutrients, and talking to it. After about two years, the oak tree was as tall as him! The not-so-little boy was so excited to see progress, but he was extremely busy with baseball and basketball practice. He did not have the time to care for his oak tree anymore. One day, his mother said to him after baseball practice, “good things take time to grow”. The not-so-little boy ignored her and said, “Mom, I’ve waited two years for this oak tree to grow. I’m done waiting. This is so disappointing. I want my ten-foot tree!” The mother sighed silently and smiled to herself. She was now the disappointing oak tree’s protector.

More time passed, and pretty soon the not-so-little boy was a man and ready to leave home. The man walked outside to his backyard because he wanted to make sure to say goodbye to every square inch of his house before leaving-even the disappointing oak tree he had planted at eight years old. To the man’s surprise, there was a humongous oak tree towering over his head! Then, he looked up and down at himself, readjusted his clothes, and outstretched his arms to his mother. They embraced smiling at each other. Finally, the man said to his mother, “You were right! Good things do take time to grow!”

So why did I write this story? What’s the big deal? How does this relate to the cryptocurrency world or Compumatrix? I know it’s a story about a boy and his tree, but it means so much more than that folks. The company Compumatrix started as a little plant, an idea (someone with a vision). Everyone within the company has worked extensively: caring for it, fixing bugs within the system, and growing the community of protectors. And right now, Compumatrix is fine-tuning itself like the mother to the tree. Like the mother, we must not give up! We are the protectors of Compumatrix! Pretty soon, Compumatrix will be a big oak tree in the cryptocurrency space, and we will all smile, exhale, and say we knew it was coming. It’s just a matter of time — we are on the verge of greatness. Because, always remember, good things take time to grow!

Originally published by Mary Rose Neumeyer at on July 21, 2020.

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Compumatrix is a Decentralized Community and Ecosystem thriving on the Bitshares blockchain. We publish our members’ curated articles and updates here.

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