Do I have what it takes?

A TV show called Bingolotto asks the question “Do you have what it takes to become a millionaire”.

That question should be asked by every member of Compumatrix.

Think about it. You may have enough to meet your daily needs. Or you may have more than that, but what are you going to do with millions more?
If you are a millionaire already — why would you want even more?

Are you going to give them away as gifts to the needy? Or should you buy things? That should be enough for quite a few needy people, and when it comes to things — where should you put them? Are you one of those who buy artwork for millions and put it into a safe-deposit — never to be seen by anybody?

You cannot reside in more than one house, right?

And are you sure that needy people want to receive money from you?
Maybe they should be asked first — because it can feel very embarrassing to receive money from somebody. Perhaps instead human contact is needed?

It has been said that “the root of all evil is money”.

But it is not the money that is evil, it is how we use money, and the jealousy that money can create.

There is also a risk of suddenly getting a lot of money.

We have read countless articles on how people become addicted to gambling. Or started drinking and became addicted to alcohol. In many cases, what began as sudden wealth has become a growing debt.
There was one article describing how an ex-millionaire is today living in a subway tunnel.
This person used to reside in a house worth many millions

We have another TV show called “The Luxury Trap”.

This program should be shown in our schools. The program shows how mobile phones are used to obtain SMS loans with no questions asked, and the loan pays out immediately.
Our young people learn that it is possible to get money immediately — without any reciprocal service required.

Do I sound like I do not want the money coming our way?

Of course, I want Compumatrix to succeed! But — we Compumatrix members need to think in advance about how we want to use the riches we have accumulated.
And when I say money — I mean our cryptocurrencies! Our currency will change the way we bank. Our currency is managed in a blockchain where each transaction is reported openly, and which no one can manipulate.

Thankfully, we have a genius founder and the wise staff he has gathered around him — and they know what it takes to run a business.

We will have access to a platform where you will not find any “get rich quick program” — but where hard work pays off.

So, do I have what it takes?

Yes, I think so. With the instructions we receive, and with the management we have, I believe that I will be able to benefit Compumatrix and at the same time, run my own business!

So I say to all of you -
With Compumatrix you DO have what it takes!
Just make sure you plan ahead of our grand opening!

Originally published by Inga Molin at on November 12, 2020.

Compumatrix is a Decentralized Community and Ecosystem thriving on the Bitshares blockchain. We publish our members’ curated articles and updates here.

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