Can I be a fly on the wall?

I want to see all the impressive things that the developers are doing.
I want to hear discussions about how Compumatrix should work.
I would like to know what developers and management think about
members ‘ability to understand Compumatrix, and what problems
they see in members’ understanding process.

Yes, I know I would probably not understand the technical side of it
all, but it would still be interesting to see all those geniuses in action.

How do I want Compumatrix to work?

Well, I want it to be easy to handle.

I would like the CDAP to have features where I can work to generate points, or something, that allows for small withdrawals from my accumulated assets.

I remember that I loved creating and putting VPC up for sale.

I have been told that they will now be called stable cards, but I do
not know if they will work in the same way.

Regardless of how they will work, I hope they will generate
opportunities for withdrawals.

No, of course not!
If required, I will follow the instructions for what needs to be done.

How much do I understand about the Compumatrix system and the technology that will make it a blockchain-based eco-system?

I must admit that a lot of it goes high over my head. But I try to learn gradually.

I am very grateful for all the descriptive blogs that our Founder, our CEO, and our VP posted.

I read one of them every day and some things I have started to understand better while the technology remains too difficult for me.

But I do not need to learn the technical stuff if I make sure to learn the features and follow the instructions.

What other features would I like to see?

I can imagine that I would like to have a department for recipes and cooking.
There I feel I can contribute.

Household tips
I would like a department where you ask for, and give household tips?
For example, which natural remedies can I use instead of chemical?

Organic vegetable growing
I can imagine a department for organic farming.

and so on…

Which area of ​​Compumatrix would I like to learn more about?

I would like to learn about trading!

But I want to learn step by step! And I would like to have a program where you can train without being on the open market. I do not know if it is possible, but to wish it cost nothing.

Trading is really an area where I would like to be a fly on the wall!
To study what the skilled traders do and try to understand how trading works.
I am so eager to finally be able to log in to the new revised CDAP and know I am not alone.

Meanwhile, I continue to plan for how I will run my business when we get access to the Compumatrix platform. I may have to make changes, but that’s part of having a business.

Originally published by Brittmari Mostrom at on November 12, 2020.

Compumatrix is a Decentralized Community and Ecosystem thriving on the Bitshares blockchain. We publish our members’ curated articles and updates here.

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