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We have the privilege of living near a large reservoir, where Canadian geese are flying in and taking off continuously. Most every morning, we can hear them flying over our house- noisily honking as they go.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Nothing could be more accurate of that statement than Canadian geese. They do everything together. Geese are migrating birds, and they migrate every spring and fall. In autumn, they migrate from the north to the south to avoid the cold temperatures and scarcity of food and return when the temperatures warm. Did you know that Canadian geese can…

I want to see all the impressive things that the developers are doing.
I want to hear discussions about how Compumatrix should work.
I would like to know what developers and management think about
members ‘ability to understand Compumatrix, and what problems
they see in members’ understanding process.

Yes, I know I would probably not understand the technical side of it
all, but it would still be interesting to see all those geniuses in action.

How do I want Compumatrix to work?

Well, I want it to be easy to handle.

I would like the CDAP to have features where…

A TV show called Bingolotto asks the question “Do you have what it takes to become a millionaire”.

That question should be asked by every member of Compumatrix.

Think about it. You may have enough to meet your daily needs. Or you may have more than that, but what are you going to do with millions more?
If you are a millionaire already — why would you want even more?

Are you going to give them away as gifts to the needy? Or should you buy things? That should be enough for quite a few needy people, and when it…

When we consider the 118 elements in the periodic table, we marvel that everything in Creation has one or more of them. But we use very few of them in their purest form just as they are. One of the main elements is iron, but we make very few things out of pure iron. You may see pure iron used in a lawn ornament or cast iron skillet, but we don’t have that many uses for just pure iron. To make steel, we need to blend iron with carbon, which is another element. …

Remember the portmanteau Compumatrix?

A portmanteau is a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others. And thus Compumatrix is defined according to the two words: Computer and Matrix.

If you have children or grandchildren, you probably recognize that line from a popular Disney movie. The poignant advice doled out by the forgetful, gutsy bluefish, Dory, is a lesson for all to learn and apply!

What lesson is that? Well, little Dory learned early in life from her parents that no matter what life throws at you, keep on pushing forward; take the lemons, and make lemonade! Don’t slow down, and never quit! Just keep swimming!

If you have been a member of Compumatrix for a while, you could certainly vouch for the “swimming” ability of the members, staff…

At the very core, a new member of Compumatrix must first know the difference between centralized & decentralized financial ecosystems when it comes to having a business with us. When they genuinely grasp the system contrasts, our work is a no brainer, as it clarifies what we do:

We become our own bank by earning points through various opportunities online that we can use to compound and grow more points, or we can turn those points into Bitcoin and hodl onto that as a long term investment, grow our cryptocurrency portfolio, exchange Bitcoin P2P for products/services, and turn it into…

With the announcement of Pay pal taking Bitcoin, I can’t see it going anywhere but in a positive direction. When it’s going to be so accessible to us all, why not use it?

I’m so excited and happy to see the number of users. This also gives hope to people. There are other ways to get out of debt. They are taking several currencies:

Bitcoin cash
Lite coin

We are delighted and excited to have our group and the world joining in and accepting what we are growing behind closed doors. …

I have heard several times in my life that it takes three weeks to either make or break a habit.

Some habits are good, some not so good, and some you would love to see go away! We all have one praxis or another, and most of us have no idea how we acquired them. For instance, if you are a nail biter, have you ever wondered WHERE you got that nervous tic?

Concerning the science of those quirks, it is interesting to note these habits form in the brain’s emotional center — the Basal Ganglia. While the logical Prefrontal…

Bitshares is a galaxy of tokens that you should not miss.

Have you read it? One needs to review the brief backstory of Compumatrix in order to see how they continued to persevere, provide hope and enlighten everyone about their business.

What is your business anyway?

Compumatrix is all about Bitshares. In order for you to fully understand how to operate your business, it is a must that you understand the basics of Bitshares.


Compumatrix is a Decentralized Community and Ecosystem thriving on the Bitshares blockchain. We publish our members’ curated articles and updates here.

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